Tugler Labs is a nutrition and supplements company based in Arizona. Dr. Tugle wanted to expand his offerings by manufacturing his nutritional supplements from his Scottsdale offices. This ability would allow him to custom design every product to his exact specifications.Tugler Labs wanted help importing pharmaceutical equipment, to use for the manufacturing of their pills and supplements.


In order to achieve this goal, Tugler Labs needed to purchase the right equipment. If they made the wrong choice, it would take them all the way back to square one. They requested our advice on what the best machines would be, and the best place to buy. Quality machinery, ease of use, and cost were all factors to consider. After careful research and deliberation, Brand Imports and Tugler Labs decided the best solution was a specific manufacturer’s equipment out of China. We helped coordinate the sale with the manufacturer and importing of the equipment.


Tugler Labs now produces all of their dietary supplements in-house. They have been able to watch quality much more closely, as well as control their costs more effectively.


Brand Imports was able to take a very overwhelming task and break it down for our clients. Everything can be achieved when you understand the parts of the process.


Visit www.tuglerlabs.com to learn more about Tugler Labs’ products.