A Case Study About Our Client – Tugler Labs

Tugler Labs is a nutrition and supplements company based in Arizona. Dr. Tugle wanted to expand his offerings by manufacturing his nutritional supplements from his Scottsdale offices. This ability would allow him to custom design every product to his exact specifications.Tugler Labs wanted help importing pharmaceutical equipment, to use for the manufacturing of their pills […]

A Case Study About Our Client – ComVoice

ComVoice is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service company. To better serve their customer base, ComVoice had an idea to create their own phones and devices. This would allow them to cater the hardware to integrate seamlessly with their VoIP software. ComVoice came to us with this objective. We knew that this idea […]

Why Competing on Price Will Destroy You

When you are first starting out, it’s very common to look at your competitors and their similar products to try and decide on a price for your product. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to consider the competition. The next thing that naturally occurs is wanting to try and price your similar product at a […]